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Cloud Garden – Smart Climate Solutions

Cloud Garden was founded in 2016 by Tom Koenderman. After his education (a combination of Biology and Business Administration) he wanted to make a real impact by actually applying his knowledge. From the beginning of our company, we have combined nature with technology to achieve a healthy indoor climate. Substantiated, concrete and effective. Stichting Innovatie Glastuinbouw Nederland (SIGN) was involved in this initiative. Due to the important sustainable innovations developed within Cloud Garden, SIGN participated in the first phase of the company. Cloud Garden is grateful to SIGN for its role

Why we do it?

The main goal of Cloud Garden is to create an optimized indoor climate for all those present in a room. We are distinctive in measuring the indoor climate of buildings and in creating aesthetic solutions for a healty working environment.

Cloud Garden combines nature with technology to create a healthy indoor climate for every user of a building. We want to contribute to a better world by making the indoor climate in buildings healthier and more energy efficient. Our steel indoor climate solutions are 100% produced in the Netherlands according to a circular and modular design. This minimizes value destruction and does not unnecessarily burden nature.

Cloud Garden’s climate sensor continuously collects data for analysis. This provides concrete advice to improve the indoor climate. This advice ensures that our solutions with green and water actually have a positive effect. In addition, we strive to make your existing climate systems more intelligent and (energy) efficient. The algorithms we develop today are tomorrow’s solutions.

Cloud Garden Holding B.V.

Cloud Garden consists of two companies, namely Cloud Garden Natural Solutions B.V. and Cloud Garden Sentronics B.V.

All activities related to natural climate solutions, such as air-purifying plant and water walls, will be carried out retroactively as of 1 January 2020 by Cloud Garden Natural Solutions B.V.

All activities related to the rental and sale of (climate) sensors, management and acquisition of data will be retroactively carried out as of 1 January 2020 by Cloud Garden Sentronics B.V.

Due to its position in the corporate structure, Cloud Garden is now called: Cloud Garden Holding B.V.


See below for the main milestones Cloud Garden has achieved in the past four years (Dutch).


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De roomdivider, gemaakt van gepoedercoat (roestvrij)staal, is volledig circulair en 100% Made in Holland. De roomdividers zijn verkrijgbaar in de maakt S t/m XL die allemaal voorzien kunnen worden van diverse achterwanden.


Cloud Garden maakt met de zelf ontwikkelde klimaatsensor het binnenklimaat meetbaar, gezonder en energie-efficiënter. De multi-sensor registreert relatieve luchtvochtigheid, temperatuur, CO2 en verontreinigende stoffen, zoals vluchtige organische stoffen (TVOC) en fijnstof (PM)


Net als onze groene wanden, is deze oplossing volledig circulair en 100% Made in Holland. Deze decentrale oplossing heeft niet alleen een positief effect op het binnenklimaat, maar is ook een echte eye-catcher.

Groene plantenwand

De groene wand is volledig modulair opgebouwd, circulair en 100% Made in Holland. Door de modulaire opbouw past de groene wand in ieder gebouw of kantoor. De circulariteit in combinatie met de lokale productie, zorgt voor een minimale footprint.

Cloud Garden Mini

Dit is de kleinste binnenklimaatoplossing binnen het Cloud Garden assortiment. De Mini is op de meest kleine werkplek inzetbaar. Daarnaast is de Mini, net als al onze andere oplossingen, volledig circulair en 100% Made in Holland.