Circular and modular

Cloud Garden focuses on making indoor climate solutions as sustainable and easy as possible. As a circular producer, our production partner Brink Industrial in Hoogeveen is therefore an extremely suitable partner. Our steel products are circularly produced in Hoogeveen. This means that the materials never disappear from the material chain and therefore never end up on the waste mountain. Brink Industrial makes it possible to give our steel parts a new life by refurbishing, repairing or recycling the parts.

Another strong example of our green wall system is that it is completely modular. This means that the wall is easily adaptive to a new application or location. The wall system can be easily assembled and disassembled with every move or renovation. The green wall is therefore extremely flexible.


In the development of our steel products, we deliberately opted not for plastics with a short life cycle, but for circular stainless steel materials that remain infinite in the material chain. That is why we ensure that the product is infinitely circular.

For example, new and used parts from recycled material are used in production. If you no longer want to use our indoor climate solution, we will gladly take it. These parts are suitable for reuse, refurbishment or recycling.

This circular process ensures that the delivered parts are used again after refurbishing or repairing to produce a new product


We work with a modular structure of the system. Fully customization is possible and we can also adjust the color of the wall system to your wishes. Due to the modular construction, the system can be easily moved or moved.

The system consists of three types of modules that vary in width. By combining the modules with each other, different compositions can be made so that the system always fits. The wall system is easy to install by means of rails to which the modules are attached. The rails are also modular and have three standard height dimensions. This makes the most creative interpretation of our green wall system possible.

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