Green facades provide cooling

Aeres Hogeschool - Cloud Garden

Green facades provide cooling in the built environment Green facades provide cooling. Up to 15 degrees lower temperatures have been found on greened facades compared to bare walls (Hoelscher, 2016). What you can do to make the built environment cooler? The Netherlands, Germany and the rest of the world are increasingly experiencing peak summer temperatures […]

Cloud Garden and the Sustainable Development Goals


Cloud Garden and the Sustainable Development Goals Cloud Garden is committed to following the Sustainable Development Goals. The following 7 goals impact Cloud Garden on a daily basis. Will you participate? Creating an optimal (room) climate for people working and living Through his study, a combination of biology and business administration, he discovered that certain […]

Brandveiligheid van de Cloud Garden plantenwanden en gevels

Groene gevel verticaal groen Amber Garden - Cloud Garden

Fire safety of the Cloud Garden plant walls and facades Fire safety of green plant walls and green facades is important within the Building Decree. Cloud Garden has fire-safe and fire-retardant vertical gardens. Fire safety vertical green Cloud Garden Fire safety is one of the themes that is taken into account to a greater or […]

A plant wall at home?

A plant wall at home! A plant wall at home? Cloud Garden’s vertical gardens are ideal for placing at home. We are happy to guide you! Add plants to your living room, kitchen, or anywhere else. It is possible with the Cloud Garden system. Cloud Garden’s green plant wall system is increasingly being used in […]