Cloud Garden


Cloud Garden makes your building healthy, attractive and energy efficient. A (work) place where you want to be, that’s what it’s all about.

Which sectors do we mainly work with?

Interior landscapers

Our sensor can help you to give well-founded advice on the amount of plants per room to improve the indoor climate. You can use our modular green walls to design the most creative projects. In addition, our room dividers are also popular objects for greening office spaces in particular and improving acoustics and privacy.

Building management and Construction

Would you like to score more points on the WELL and / or BREEAM certification? Then our nature solutions, but also our climate sensor are the right tools. The use of our products has a positive effect on parts within these certifications. Optimal humidity and the reduction of pollutants in a room are essential.

Office- and
Project designers

You are always involved in the realization of new construction and renovation projects from the outset. That is why we would like to get in touch with you to tell you more about our products. With our products you have something unique in your hands, which you can use to surprise your client!


Are you looking for something to surprise your customer with? And this with products that are completely circular? Then we would be happy to enter into a partnership with you. The products of Cloud Garden provide a healthier workplace, employees who feel more comfortable and add experience and atmosphere to a space.


Climate sensor

Cloud Garden uses the self-developed sensor to make the indoor climate measurable, healthier and more energy-efficient. The multi-sensor registers: relative humidity, temperature, CO2 (air freshness) and pollutants such as volatile organic compounds (TVOC) and particulate matter (PM).

The extensive climate analysis provides concrete advice to improve the indoor climate. Climate control systems can be intelligently controlled with the algorithms developed by Cloud Garden.  Therefore automatic responses are possible to what the sensor measures.

Green plant wall

We are committed to creating a pleasant living and working environment with a healthier indoor climate. We do this with the use of our circular and modular green plant wall, filled with plants with the very best air-purifying qualities.

The green wall is completely modular, circular and 100% Made in Holland. Due to the modular construction, the green wall fits into any building or office. The circularity in combination with the local production of the green plant wall ensures a minimal footprint.


The green room divider from Cloud Garden, made of powder-coated steel and stainless steel, is fully circular and 100% Made in Holland. These movable green plant walls are available in sizes S to XL, which can all be fitted with various rear walls.

Plants remove toxic substances from the air, break down pathogenic gases and return clean air, in other words a cleaner indoor climate in your working environment. The air humidity will also increase due to the effect of the air-purifying plants. In office environments or other buildings, this movable green plant wall provides a pleasant working environment and enhances the atmosphere.

Cloud Garden Mini

This is the smallest indoor climate solution in our range. Due to its size, this Mini can be used in the smallest workplace. But this Mini can also be placed above or next to each other or on somewhat hollow or convex walls. So many (creative) interpretations are possible.

Just like our other green plant walls, the Cloud Garden Mini is fully circular and 100% Made in Holland. This small indoor climate solution has a size of 60 x 60 x 20 centimeters (lxwxd).

Water wall

The water wall not only has a positive effect on the indoor climate, but is also a real eye-catcher.

The flowing effect of the water increases the relative humidity in a room. Second, the flowing water traps pollutants. In addition, it forms a transparent, translucent partition.

This water wall is, just like our green walls, completely circular and 100% Made in Holland.

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