Big green facade Mall of The Netherlands

950 m2 of facade greenery for cooling and habitat for insects and birds

Groene Gevel Mall Of The Netherlands Leidschendam - Cloud Garden

Facts and figures green facade Mall of the Netherlands:

950 m2 of green facade

25,650 plants on the facade

Nesting boxes for birds, insects, bees

2-3% particulate matter reduction

Maximum contribution to urban ecology

BREEAM Very Good rating

Cooling effect on building and environment

Studies have shown that greening facades “provide cooling potential on the building surface” (Sheweka). Up to 15 degrees lower temperatures have been found on greened facades compared to bare walls (Hoelscher). Up to 10% less heat is felt around green facades, resulting in an improvement in thermal comfort for pedestrians and citizens (Zölch et al).

While the benefits of urban heat island reduction have just been highlighted, the support of local biodiversity, the purifying properties of plants and the reduced risk of flooding should not be forgotten when talking about vertical greening.


To which email address can we send the brochure?

To which email address can we send the brochure?


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