O7 Mannheim, Germany

170 m2 of green facade in optimal condition for ten years. Shopping center in the city center of Mannheim with a green facade as an eye-catcher.

EFIX Systeem groene gevel - Cloud Garden

Facts en figures green facade O7 Mannheim, Germany:

Building from '50

170 m2

Improvement of microclimate

Right in the city center

From gray to green

Lifespan of green facades Cloud Garden

This green facade project proves the long lifespan of Cloud Garden's EFIX green facade system. The various plant panels were placed on the facade in the summer of 2013 and two of our employees visited this facade project last winter 2023. The green facade still looks extremely well-groomed and healthy. In those ten years, no parts of the green facade system EFIX have been replaced. This means that we dare to say that Cloud Garden's vertical gardens have a lifespan of at least 10 years.


To which email address can we send the brochure?

To which email address can we send the brochure?


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