Cloud Garden

Smart Climate Solutions

About us

Cloud Garden was founded in 2016 by Tom Koenderman. From the start of our company, we have been combining nature with technology to achieve a healthy indoor climate.

Substantiated, specific and effective.

Stichting Innovatie Glastuinbouw Nederland (SIGN) was also involved in this initiative. Due to the important sustainable innovations developed within Cloud Garden, SIGN participated in the first phase of the company. Cloud Garden is grateful to SIGN for its role.


Specific advice

 The Cloud Garden climate sensor continuously collects data to make an analysis. This provides concrete advice to improve the indoor climate.

Optimized indoor climate

We are distinctive in measuring the indoor climate of buildings and in creating aesthetic solutions for a healthy working environment.


We strive to make your existing climate installations more intelligent and (energy) efficient. The algorithms we develop today are tomorrow’s solutions.

Sustainable and circular

We want to contribute to a better world by making the indoor climate in buildings healthier and more energy efficient. Our steel products are 100% produced in the Netherlands according to circular and modular design.

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